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Sri Lanka is a famous surfing destination that caters to all experience levels. The season in the south is between November- April. There is a huge variety of waves here - something for everyone. From perfect long boarding waves to beginners waves to fat A-frames and hollow, shallow reefs.
Check out our FAQ page under 'The Property' for more information about surf lessons and rental.

The Rock

The Rock is the closest spot to Gitano House. An A-frame reef break perfect for more advanced surfers.



A left and right reef break. On smaller days perfect for long boarding bit when the swell gets bigger can show some size. 

South Beach

An easy mellow reef break. Perfect for long boarders and beginners. Only a short walk from Gitano House. 


A shallow, fast, reef break that can have a barrel section. 

Surf: Product

Kabalana Beach

Perfect for beginners to practice in the white water. A few peaky beach break waves out back for the more advanced. 

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