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About Us

Gitano is Gayashan + Emma- husband and wife couple, from Sri Lanka + Australia.

After travelling the world together for the past 8 years, we are now following our dream to provide other travellers and holiday makers with a unique accommodation experience within our favourite part of the world- Southern Sri Lanka.


We have taken all of our knowledge and loves from our experiences to create a coastal jungle haven for you to enjoy...


Also:: Gitano Ceylon

Our other venture that began 4 years ago is Gitano Shirts. Gitano {spanish for Gypsy} meaning a free spirited person.

We take pride in creating a range of shirts, dresses and handmade accessories for friends who take pleasure in slowing down + enjoying the world around them.


Made for comfort, style + fun, based in this paradise island of Sri Lanka.

Visit: to check out the latest ranges. 

Gitano Story: Inner_about
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